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SHIATSU is a therapeutic treatment based on the traditional East Asian medicine.


I closed my activity Shiatsu March 25th 2023.
Thank you for your support.   

Unblock tension and release stress, the objective of Shiatsu is to harmonize the flow of energy, blood and water. It may help the power of self-healing, vitality and the immune system function.

After a quick consultation about your physical conditions, you can enjoy a massage on your whole body with the Shiatsu technics (pressure, kneading, flexion, stretching, percussion) focussing on problematic parts.
・45 min / 35 Eur
・60 min / 45 Eur
・75 min / 55 Eur

Other complement sessions
Aside from the total session, there are small sessions. They are profitable for people who do not have enough time. It is also possible to combine them with the total session.

Quick massage on a chair for the neck and shoulders. (Auderghem)

Leaving the body on the special massage chair, we give you pressure on the neck, shoulders, back and head.
10euros / 10minutes *possible to extend up to 20minutes

Foot reflexolog

Each organ is connected to a part of the foot. We work with oil from the lower part of the knee to the sole of the foot. It is effective in removing toxin and against the swelling and cooling of the foot.
20euros / 20 minutes

Head and face

There are also areas corresponding to organs or other body parts on your face. We also work on areas and points for balancing your energy. A "lift up" effect can be expected by accelerating circulation and eliminating toxins.
20euros / 25 minutes * possible to combine with the total session

Abdominal massage

For people with chronic constipation, swelling of the stomach or back pain. The effects will be felt after a few sessions.
20euros / 25 minutes * possible to combine with the total session


Av. des Volontaires 71, 1160 Auderghem(Monday-Wednesday)
Av. De la Toison d'Or 24, 1050 Ixelles(Thursday-Saturday)
10:00-18:00+-by appointement
04 70 86 58 62 Kayo